Kiek Hipwear


Special models of clothing and extra wide sleeping bags specially designed for children who need treatment with a hip brace or a spica cast since they are born with hip dysplasia or hip luxation. These clothing and sleeping bags can be worn while wearing a cast or brace from birth till the age of 2, with the exception of the trousers to wear on top of the cast till the age of 6.

Proven quality and models, worldwide sold and satisfied customers since 2011. No retail, only available at This website also contains a lot of practical information and tips for parents and care takers.


Only special clothing and wide sleeping bags and wide footmuffs for kids who need to wear a brace of cast because of the treatment for hip dysplasia.
Basic colours grey, white, pink and blue with some art work like stars or bears. Soft cotton with a little elastan.


From birth up to 2 years with the exception of trousers to wear on top of a spica cast, we offer those spica cast trousers up to 6 years.