BRNDWRKS is part of the Jolo Fashion Group. BRNDWRKS facilitates the growth of children’s clothing & shoe brands by adding knowledge and expertise where required and desired; from designing children’s clothing & shoe brands to high-quality manufacture and bringing products onto the international market.

For each specialisation, BRNDWRKS has dedicated in-house experts with plenty of talent and experience. A centrally organised back office with well-organised logistics and finance departments complete this strong parent company.

BRNDWRKS excels due to its love and knowledge of the product and the market and its passion to always strive for the best possible quality on all fronts, and this is made possible due to our thorough knowledge of the production process and a manufacturing organisation in China and the close cooporation with India, Portugal, Bangladesh and Turkey.

Currently our brand portfolio consists of fourteen strong, individual brands. Together with BRNDWRKS, they serve a substantial part of the international children’s clothing & shoes market for children between 0 and 16 years old.