1976   Jolo Fashion started by John Lohle

1985   Patrick Lohle takes over Jolo Fashion from his father.

2004   Strategic move, start with children brands;
Launch of Moodstreet, our first children’s brand

2010   (July) Takeover Kidz-Art, created in 2000

2010   (December) Takeover A-Brands Quality Wear B.V.
with licensee of the brand Salty Dog

2011   Start sales office in Barcelona, Spain

2011   Creation Brand Works Holding

2012   Launch of Le Chic

2012   (June) Takeover Bampidano, created in 1999

2012   Launch of Bellaire

2013   Le Chic team launches LCEE

2013   Start sales office in Antwerp, Belgium

2014   (January) Opening sales office in Neuss, Germany

2014   (January 1st) Takeover NoNo kidswear, founded in 1994…

2015   Launch of B.Nosy

2015  Start strategic cooperation with SuperRebel

2016   Launch of Street Called Madison

2016  Launch of Nobell’ sister of Bellaire

2016   Shoeworks starts with new brand Studio Maison

2016   Winter first shoe collection for Le Chic

2016   Launch Tygo & Vito

2016   Take over Like Flo

2018   Opening new office in Amsterdam